Fri. Oct 16th, 2020

    Fingerstyle Lessons

    About The Fingerstylist Lessons

    This HowToFingerstyle page is devoted to teaching you how to play guitar with lessons in a linear learning order. Beginning with the fundamentals of guitar, HowToFingerstyle offers a unique approach to learning fingerstyle that is perfect for beginners as well as though already familiar with playing guitar.

    Once you have become familiar with your instrument in hand, we will then go through the technicals of quality chord sound and versatility. Becoming familiar with chord sounds and shapes is essential to form a solid fingerstyle foundation. We will then learn a few scales in whats known as ‘1st position’ so our fingerstyle moves are in key and sound great!

    Having mastered chords, developed good scale skills, and built solid hammer-on and pull-off capabilities you will then be ready for the more advanced technical fingerstyle techniques that open the palette to your musical canvas.


    Advanced Skills (optional)

    • Bar Chords
    • Unique Bar Chords and Sounds
    • G-Major Scale
    • E-Minor Scale
    • Practice Set 3
    • Backing Track Note Attack
    • Blues and Other Scales


    • Getting Used to the Strings
    • TIMIRIMIThis is a great starting point for Fingerstyling. The article breaks down what finger styling is as well as how you can begin today towards becoming a finger stylist!
    • Up and Down 
    • Practice Set 4
    • Slap, Tap, and Boom
    • Practice Set 5
    • 5 – 12 Harmonics
    • Tap Harmonics
    • Practice Set 6
    • Basic Fingerstylist Challenge